About Me

I’ve been a professional writer, editor,  and photographer since 2005, with my work appearing in The Seattle TimesStars & Stripes (European edition), USAToday.com, Matador, and recreation.gov, among others.

I am an avid reader, foodie, and oenophile. I enjoy yoga, gardening, hiking at the local metro parks, and experimenting in the kitchen. I’m obsessed with history, and most of what I read and watch has to do with historical events and/or time periods. (Masterpiece PBS is the best thing about Sundays!)

I am a native Ohioan who had the opportunity as an Air Force spouse to live in Germany, Seattle, and the DC area. Now that my husband’s retired, I’ve come full circle and I’m back in Ohio. We live in suburban Columbus with our dogs, Reece and Blitz.


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