Angels from Parsons Avenue

This was a group project for the Marketing Communications Planning course, which required us to create a strategy and marketing campaign for a live client. The client is a non-profit operating on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. My primary contribution was creating the logo, a homepage mockup, and a sample press release. I also performed the final edits on all the written assignments related to this project.

Digital Marketing

For my digital marketing class, we had a solo project that involved analyzing the website and social media assets of an organization of our choosing. I chose to focus on the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks. Part of the assignment involved designing an infographic.

For the group project, we developed a digital marketing campaign for an organization. Our group chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. We had to design email newsletters, and the one I designed here is the welcome email.

The Tail Waggin’

For my Marketing Communication Essentials course, I focused on creating a business plan, budget and marketing campaign for my own business, which was a mobile dog bakery. This was the logo I created.


For my Marketing Communication Capstone, I am focusing on Generation X workers in the job market and workplace. What value does Generation X bring to a workplace? The digital artifact I created as part of this project is the Gen Xcellence blog. I also published a LinkedIn article based on my capstone research.


In 2012, I was contracted by a marketing agency just outside Washington, D.C. to help rewrite and edit facility descriptions for recreation.gov. This is just one of the many facilities I worked on.